Hi all. I'm trying to make sure I have a secondary IP set up right and
my system is giving me grief!! When I try to do an ADD secondary
ipaddress it tells me that it's 'unable to find load file ADD'. I really
don't get that one. Also when I type display secondary IP address I get

Primary Host: [b57_2_eII_eII]
Primary Host: [b57_1_eII_eII]

am I right in thinking it doesn't see a secondary IP?

The is my 'inner facing NIC'. I use it for webaccess,
etc.. The is my 'outer facing' NIC: this is where we are
supposed to hit to come through to the server from outside. The USED to be and then I turned off ARP. This is
the message I got when I did that:

'Because you disabled ARP, is incorrect. I am using the
correct local address for this interface:'

'Bound to board 4 with IP address and mask ff.ff.ff.00

SLPTCP bound to

All I want is to have a secondary IP I can reach from outside!!! If I
plug directly into the box (router/hub really) that the above
is sitting on and try to ping It I can't see it (the but I CAN ping/see all my other 192.168.6.x
servers. It's like it's not responding. So:

1. How do I add a secondary IP when it says I can't
2. why can't I see the 192.168.6.x IP address (when I plug into the router/hub I an see my NIC facing inside).

I am running NW6SP5 Thanks!