In nwadmn, I've got a few things that I don't think need to be there,
and I'd like to know if it's OK if I delete them. Specifically

? IP AG 0.\0.\0.\0 <server_name>

This is followed by server more IP AG entries, all starting with
question marks, all referencing the same server as above, which is a 5.1
server and the only 5.1 server in a mixed 5.1/6.5 tree. Some reference
networks we no longer use, some are still in use. Specifically, besides
the 0's entries, I have three that reference private NIC addresses on
the 5.1 server, one of which is still in use, two of which are not, plus
one that references the PUBLIC IP of the 5.1 server (which is also our
BM server).

What are these, and which should I keep?