Out of several branch servers all configured the same and running the same
applications I have one that generates about 18,000 files in approximately
7 minutes early Sunday morning. The files are all 36 bytes and each one has
a different extension. The names are all similar - like 5KEL051B.ORO or
08NNQ5G5.BQ0. The files themselves, when opened are short strings of
gibberish - ie: BIAV b Te 敂¯œ?-¤×

Does anyone know of a tool that could be run that would let me know what is
generating these odd files? We have no known apps that only run at that time.

And if anyone can suggest a better way to delete the files besides through
Explorer. I can ony select a few hundred files at a time and even then it
takes up to an hour to browse to the SYS volume, select the files and have
them actually deleted. Just browsing to the server through Explorer can
take close to 10 minutes to simply open up the volume. I've never had any
luck deleting files in ConsoleOne and since each file has a different
extension even toolbox is pretty useless.