This problem has plagued us for months and a simple restart of the FTP
service usually resolves the problem. However, lately, we have had to
restart the FTP service every two days.

Here's the situation:

We have two user containers. One has standard Novell licenses (one license
per user), the other has an MLA license covering each user in that
cointainer. Eventually the users in the MLA licensed container can
authenticate but are unable to add/remove folders. They get an error
message "550 Not licensed to execute this command."

When restarting the FTP service, this problem goes away. I'v checked the
FTPREST.txt and ftpserv.cfg files and we're patched on the FTP nlm to
version 5.06.04 issued October 27, 2005. Everything seems to be in order.

Note: The regular licensed container users experience no issues. If I
move a user from the MLA license to the regular license container that user
no longer has a problem even if I haven't restarted the service.

Guidance is greatly appreciated!