I've got a situation here that I think I've asked about before but I
couldn't find the thread, and I'm finally going to implement something,
so I thought I'd ask again. Netware 6.5/SP4.

I have a list of 9 specific files for which I need to give read-only
rights to one group. The problem is that these files cannot be moved
from a folder containing other files that this group cannot have rights
to so I cannot manage this on a folder basis.

Additionally, the application associated with these files periodically
deletes and recreates them when an administrative user of the
application performs some semi-regular maintenance procedures. When
these procedures are run, the files disappear entirely and their rights
with them.

I recall a suggestion to use CRON and something else to assign these
rights, perhaps having the job run every few minutes. A
workstation-based solution that I could give to the administrator of
this application would be preferable, since I would rather not have
something running every few minutes that only needs to be run every few

Any suggestions would be appreciated - if it's for the server-based
solution, please tell me the name of the commandline-driven NLM that I
would be using and the proper syntax or a TID that can help me.
Basically I need to grant read and file-scan rights to these 9 files for
a single group name. I've also never used CRON but I think I get the
general idea of it. Can CRON, e.g., test for the existence of a file?
I could make a workstation application that could create a file to tell
CRON it needs to do its thing if CRON can, e.g.

IF FILEXISTS( "TimeToAssignRights.TXT")
LOAD abc.NLM file_names trustee_group
DELETEFILE ("TimeToAssignRights.TXT")

Many thanks in advance - this is one of those things that, left
unresolved, makes it difficult to take a vacation. :)