I have dynamic files (meaning they are being updated all-the-time) which
reside on a volume other than SYS. The files cannot be moved to SYS
because the path is hardcoded. I would like for my Apache web server to be
able to read these files, but I can't find a way for Apache to access
other volumes. I am using the <Directory VOLUME:/PATH/PATH> in the
httpd.conf file with user rights being given. This works fine is I move
the file to something like SYS:/TMP, but doesn't work for any other
volume. My guess is that Apache does not have rights to the other volume.
I tried giving full read access to the directory in netware, but that
didn't help. I considered looking into NFS rights, but after researching
that option I felt that wasn't the problem either--mainly because SYS
doesn't have any special NFS rights assigned to it either. I appreciate
any thoughts from others. Thanks.