I am trying to configure Novell Remote Manager to send e-mails when
thresholds are crossed. In the Mail Notification Configuration I input
the name of our e-mail gateway, and my e-mail address in the Mail
Notification List. I generate an e-mail by sending a Security Report
from the Reports/Log Files page. Our mail gateway fails the e-mail with
a message "Domain of sender address FS02@[] does
not exist." We are able to perform this same function from within our
APC UPSs, using the exact same configuration. The difference is our
domain, budget.state.ny.us appears in the APC e-mail
(APCDevice.budget.state.ny.us) but does not from Remote Manager (only
FS02 appears). Where would it be that I would configure the domain name
to be included to resolve this issue?

Thank you, in advance, for any assistance.