I have two NW6 servers. No.1 is running NW6SP5 (5.60.05[DS]) and No.2 runs
(5.60.05[DS]). I am trying to establish a cifs sharepoint on No.1 for a
Win 2003 server to 'see' in order to transfer anti-virus IDEs to it.

When typing 'cifs info' at the console, No.2 shows 4 extant sharepoints.
No.1 shows none. This squares with how they are shown on a workstation's
'MS Windows Network' display. But these sharepoints are not shown in
Console1's <No.2 server object>-CIFS - Shares tab.

On the windows 2003 server, the two NW servers return the message '<server>
is not accessible. you might not have permissions to use this network
resource...' although it can map a drive letter to a No.2 sharepoint if it
is typed in, not if browsed-for.

When trying to map a drive letter on the W2003 server to No.1, the message
is 'The drive could not be mapped because the network was not found.'

The W2003 server has a user with name and password matching my (Netware
logged in with S rights) NDS user object's. The NDS user object also has a
simple password as required. The W2003 (logged in) user has an NDS user
object (without S rights) with a matching password.

Both servers have NFAW 1.0.2 installed.

I can see no real differences in the two servers' Properties tabs.

I need to get this business sorted out as the AV software is getting older
and older...

What might I have missed getting No.1 to be visible to W2003 and why are
the console and console1 sharepoint displays not consistent?

In hope,