Single SLP DA hosting two different SLP scopes.
Scope1 contains all servers (bindery.novell).
Scope2 contains only one server.

Scope1 is configured in the DHCP service, Scope2 is not.

How can I ensure that selected Novell clients can only see the server in Scope2?

The Novell clients are statically configured with DA and Scope2 only,
and disabled "Use DHCP for SLP".

I have also cleared the registry key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Novell\NetwareWorkstat ion\ServerCache

SLPINFO /S on the workstation correctly lists only Scope2.
SLPINFO /D lists the DA and both Scope1 and Scope2.

But still the workstation can see all the servers, whether it has a static or DHCP address.

How is SLP scopes designed to work?
If a single SLP scope is statically configured in the Novell client,
should not the client only see the servers in that specified scope?

If so, how must I configure the Novell clients?