We have a largely routed network that covers an entire university
campus. We have SLP configured with a named scope and 2 DAs (for fault
tolerance). Our clients have the name of the scope and the IP address
for the two DAs statically configured. If I do a "display slpda" on
one of the non DA servers I get:

x.x.x.91 : v2 : active : scopename : static : 9 : 0ms
x.x.x.14 : v2 : active : scopename : static : 9 : 0ms

When I run slpinfo /all from a client (this one happens to be on the
same segment as the servers so there shouldn't be any router related
issues) I get:

DA IP Address Source(s) State Version Local Interface Scope(s)
----------- --------- ----- ------- --------------- ---------

x.x.x.91 CNFG UP SLPV2 x.x.x.15 scopename
x.x.x.14 CNFG NORSP ? x.x.x.15 <unknown>

Is is normal behavior for a client only to talk to one DA at a time or
is there a problem that needs to be resolved? I hiked to another
machine on a different subnet and it reported exactly the same thing.