I recently ran DSRepair on a high school server that has approximately
2400 users. I received the following information;

Notice: CN=Students.ou=Groups.ou=wedhs.ou=hs.ou=union.t=uc ps, has: 4421
value references.
Notice: CN=INTERNET.ou=Groups.ou=wedhs.ou=hs.ou=union.t=uc ps, has: 3188
value references.
Notice: CN=Voc ED.ou=Groups.ou=wedhs.ou=hs.ou=union.t=ucps, has: 4312
value references.
Notice: CN=WEDHS_SRV1.ou=Servers.ou=wedhs.ou=hs.ou=union.t =ucps, has:
2277 value references.
Notice: CN=WEDHS_SRV1_Vol1.ou=Groups.ou=wedhs.ou=hs.ou=uni on.t=ucps, has:
2203 value references.

I looked in my STUDENTS Group under MEMBERS and only had 2400 entries.

Is this an issue? If so, how do I fix it?