I am trying to setup directory structures on a Netware 6.5 server.
For example.

TestGroup -

I want lets say group1 be able to have create, modify, deletion rights in
Test1, so they can create, modify and delete files.
But only read and file scan in the other folders. Vice Versa for the
other folders.
When I set this up. I had allowed groups to delete files. They could
delete the Test1 folder. If I disallowed modify, they couldn't delete the
folder Test1, but couldn't delete any files beneath the folder.
Then if write permission off, they couldn't delete the test1 folder. But
they couldn't create any folders or files. They could be would come up with
New Folder or default file name and wouldn't let me rename the file names.

Is there any special or more depth to modifying permissions for
directories and files?

Any help would be much apprecitated.
Jim Propert