I could swear I had full access to all servers under all methods of
LDAP just yesterday.

Today however, it's another train wreck. Trying to do "passwords"
"view policy assignments" I get the error:

Simple Bind failed. You may need to import the certificate from the
Creating secure SSL LDAP context failed.
Simple bind failed:

So I start up ldapbrowser and sure enough, I can't connect to this
server (which holds the master replica of the tree - beyond that, I
don't know why it's trying to connect to that server) using
authentication on 389 or 636.

But: "Import the certificate". What certificate? Import it into what
? On what server?

Jim Helfer

This is getting ridiculous. I fail to understand how my servers even
work if all of this stuff is really completely broken in multiple
obscure manners.