thanks in advantace for your assistance.

I have novell 6 service pack 5,
console 1.35,
novell edirectory 8.6.2 smp
nds version 10350.30 15 dec 2003
novell certificate server version 2 snapin version 2.23 build 34

I don't know very well the matter of certificate.
Into consoleone under container Security i can find
"NDSPKI:certificateAuthority" with this name: "treename organizational

i have created a user certiticate, when i try to install this certificate
into workstation appears this message:

security warning
"you are about to install a certificate authority claimind to represent:

organizational CA

window cannot validate the certiticate from "organizational CA". etc....
do you wanto to install this certificate? "

You can select "Yes" or "No". If i select Yes , i can install the

Is it possible to modify the name of the "organizational CA" ?

For example , i'd like it would display the "name of my company " insted
of "organizational CA".

please, what can i do to change it?
Where is this information?