Here is the directory structure:

|_Directory A
|_Directory B
|Etc., etc.

User X has RWECFM to Common, because his ou has those rights there. User X
-- and only user X -- has need to access the Images directory. I can limit
access to the Images directory with an inherited rights filter and give X
specific rights there. What I want to do is limit X's rights in Common and
all its other subdirectories.

There used to be command line utilities -- grant.exe and deny.exe -- that
would do this. (This may go back to the Old Days of version 3.12 and
earlier.) I can't find those utilities any more, and I can't find any way
to do this from within NWAdmin, Filer or C1. iManager, of course, has no
hooks into the file system.

Richard White CNE6