I recently installed Netware 6.5 on a Dell PowerEdge 2800, patched up
to SP5. Power is protected by a SmartUPS 1500. The PowerChute Business
Edition software v 7.0.4, is the latest available from APC and seems to
work OK. It uses AIOCOMX and it seems that this module is taking-up
40-50% of processor #1's execution time as indicated in NRM. The health
log has warnings of suspect proc util during the server's backup
routine and I'm wondering if the UPS monitor is contributing. I have
tried varying the settings for AIOCOMX but nothing seems to work other
than the default. I also tried back revving but that had no effect
either. The server is functioning well in all other respects.

Has anyone else experience a similar problem and found a solution? I've
run out of ideas.

Robin Kippax.