Hi All,

I need to have some Macs connect to my Netware 6.5SP4a box. I played
around with AFP and CIFs and I prefer the versatility of CIFs. However,
I found something weird:

When connecting via AFP, creating a shortcut (alias) from the Mac adds
only 1 "shortcut" file as it should.
When connecting via CIFS, creating a shortcut (alias) from the Mac adds
2 files. The “second” file size depends on the file you created a
shortcut from. Anyways, you don’t see the 2nd shortcut from the Mac AND
if you delete either of the two shortcut files from a Windows box, it
renders the other shortcut useless.

The strange CIFs file looks like: ._filename alias (with Hidden &
Archive attrib)

Anyone know what this is? Is there a way to prevent the "second" alias
from being created by the CIFS connection?