I've never tried it before now. I'm downloading 1.3.6e now to test. I've
never read about this and I'm sure lots of us are using Windows shares.

> Just curious - has this ever worked for you in any version of
> ConsoleOne? What of v1.3.6e?
> jfmoots@marysville.k12.oh.us wrote:
> > How come when I run ConsoleOne 1.3.6d I am no longer able to browse

> > Windows shares. I log in using the Novell client but also

authenticate to
> > a AD domain that has the same username and password as my Novell
> > credentials. When I launch ConsoleOne I'm not longer able to browse

> > shares I have rights to on the Windows Domain. My desktop items are
> > redirected to a share on a windows box and I can't use those while
> > ConsoleOne is open, either. It says they cannot be found. Close
> > ConsoleOne and Presto! I can browse the shares and use my desktop

> > again. What's up?