Good Morning,
For the past few weeks several users of older machines have been
complaining about incredibly slow responses on their PCs in accessing the
network and the database program that is stored on the server (the
application is installed on their pc, the backend storage is on the
server). I looked in Console Monitor and one of the users had over
244,000 service requests in a five-hour period. Paranoia that the
machine was a zombie overwhelmed me, but I am not sure if that is a
reasonable opinion. Compared to others in that dept, that is 204,000
more requests in the same time frame. Most running 1,000 - 2000.
Degredation of respponse time on the network is happening and I am
concerned about possible infection. All machines are running current AV
programs and the server is running SOPHOS.
My question, is this an unreasonable amount? Any ideas on detection of
possible threat? Thanks. B.