I want to set up a direct route between two NW65SP4 servers so I can use
the Server Consolidation Utility to copy files between them without
taking up bandwidth on our backbone.

Here's how I attempted to do this:
I bound IP to the 2nd NIC in each server and configured a direct route
between the 2 servers by (1) entering a direct route to 2nd NIC in each
server via the IP Routing Table | Proceed option and (2) added a static
route to 2nd NIC in each server via the Protocol Information | IP | IP
Address Translations option. I then connect to each server from my
workstation through the IPs of 2nd NICs before opening SCU.

Pings between the server go through the 2nd NICs, but file copies using
SCU are using the NIC connected to the backbone, not the 2nd NICs. What
should I do?