To map a drive using the MSSQLSERVER (SQL 2k SP3) service account on a
Windows 2000 server to a NetWare 65.-SP5 server so it can run a SQL script
to the mapped drive. Both environments have the same account name and
password. The service is the MSSQLSERVER service and uses an account
called scpsql to authenticate...with the proper password. We are trying to
run a script in SQL that accesses the mapped drive on the NetWare server
using the account that is used to authenticate the SQL SERVER service.

The problem is that the W2K-SP4 server is actually logged in under another
account...i.e. idm1. We put a net use batch file in the scpsql's profile
to map the drive in the startup folder, and all is well. When mapping from
the W2k box to another W2K box, the SQL script works fine. But when we
map to a NW6.5-SP5 server in the sql account, the mapping works, but sql
cannot read the files in the mapped drive. And yes, the account has
permissions on the folder in question.