So... I've started this new job (hit my one month on Monday)... and it's
going really well.

Now... my predicament... I'm currently living with some friends in a spare
room until I find a place. Which I've found several I really like, which
payments are about the same or less than my rent in Portland. [rolls eyes]

So... a few are close to my hometown, near a lot of great friends, but 45
miles or an hour from work.
Pros: Lot more property for the buck, close to friends, a weeee bit
closer to family.
Cons: Lot more property, close to friends, a LOT further from work.

A few others, are close to work, less property, and 45 miles or roughly an
hour from my friends. (My family is already 30mins to an hour away, so
that's negated)
Pros: A LOT closer to work, very beautiful 19th century home (one of
them), closer to the city... umm... not so close to friends.
Cons: Not much property, the one I really like is *in* town, and... this
keeps coming up... further from my friends.

How does one weigh out such perplexities, and also... where do you draw
the line on mortgage payments. I'm trying to stay around or below 1/3 of
my monthly bring home.

Decisions, decisions....