Hey everyone, I must be missing something because I cannot believe Novell
would golden OES without permitting complete functionality over a third
party hardware VPN implementation, in this case two SonicWall firewall
routers. I recently downloaded OES to evaluate the product as a possible
replacement to a NW6.5 server to be used heavily over a VPN. I have never
been able to get 6.5 to work properly over a hardware based VPN.

The OES install was extremely straightforward and brutally simple. I
chose nearly all of the defaults during the install. After placing the
server behind the firewall, I was actually able to browse the opening
welcome web pages from a remote workstation. That was a huge step
forward. NW6.5 wouldn't even fully load the opening welcome page over the
VPN. I then downloaded and installed Novell Client 4.91sp2 for Win2k and
installed on a remote PC. I was actually able to logon successfully to the
OES server over the VPN. Another huge step forward. But as soon as I
tried to simply copy a couple of files from the PC to the server over the
VPN, I received the standard Windows error: "Cannot copy xxxx:The
specified network name is no longer available." Just to make sure the
tunnel was not going down intermittently, I continuously pinged the server
from the remote PC and tried it again. Same result. I tried it using a
command prompt and received the same end result - failed copy.

I'm guessing there must be something inherently wrong with the Novell
client. This should be so straightforward. The VPN is very basic stuff -
3DES encryption, SHA1 authentication, IKE or manual key (doesn't matter),
two hardware routers establishing the tunnel over the Internet while
NAT'ing the boxes on the inside, very simple stuff. After 15 years of
NetWare, I'm almost ready to sell out to Microsoft because I know their
stuff works over VPN's. I've already done several hardware VPN additions
to pre-existing Windows server installs and everything works as expected.

I'm open to all suggestions. I'm tired of pulling out my hair over
something that should be so straightforward and simple to implement. OES
is installed on a test platform so I can implement any suggestions without