I know how to make changes to my login script, but I am not sure where the default template script is located.

When I add users to a group called Adm, I have the option to use a template. When you use that template, it maps drives automatically at login. It maps the SYS volume twice, letters F and G, and then a USER volume as letter H, APPS as I and TECH as J. It also maps SYS:\Public as Z

I would like to remove the SYS mapping because users in this group have no need to access that volume, and on some machines it's not allowing them to use USB memory keys (by default Windows doesn't go past J).

I have looked in C1, and I can see the notes for added mapping on some users, but I don't see anything in the adm template, it's blank.

Is there a way to change this?

Also, if I add in a login script to map drives, will it over-ride what's already in there?

NW OES SP1 (NW 6.5 SP4)