I sent this email to CustomerResolution@Novell.com and received a reply.
When I called the 1-800 number, I was told to place my question on this
forum. Here are the emails:

>>> "Nell Nunies" <Nell.Nunies@territorialsavings.net> 3/21/2006 1:08:56

pm >>>
I received my order for Novell 6.5 Server and 10-User licenses via
download link. When I installed the license that was downloaded via
nwadmin, it only displays the server license. When I type version at the
server prompt, it shows "User License Audited". Please let me know
whether I am doing something wrong. What does it mean when it
says "audited"?


Nell Nunies
Territorial Savings Bank
Systems Dept.
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Novell has switched to now sending VLA customers an unlimited license. So
the one you have is correct it's an unlimited server license that does not
require users. I was told that if you install it at the top of your tree
it should work. I am not on a technical team so if that does not help
you may need to call into support 800-858-4000 for more detail on how to
make it work.


Customer Resolution Team
800-218-1200 Toll Free
801-861-1392 Direct