After making changes in ConsoleOne e.g. setup / deletion / modifying of
users the changes appear to have gone thru fine but then after a
period of time whether a few minutes or even a few days if the PC on
ConsoleOne is running gets rebooted all the changes become 'undone'.
Having said that, any new users created can still login but
we cannot administer them because they no longer appear in ConsoleOne -
not even if we run ConsoleOne on another workstation.
File caching is OFF on the workstation and the Post Office databases
also now been changed to caching OFF. ConsoleOne has also been updated to
the latest version 1.3.6e. We've even rebuilt the Gw Post Offices and
but still encounter the same problem. This is a now a major issue for our
business and both myself and our users are understandably getting
increasingly frustrated.
Most Netware admin people I have spoken to seem to think ConsoleOne is
very 'flaky' in that changes don't always take effect immediately - this
could live with, but knowing that every time we reboot a PC running
ConsoleOne, even several days later, the changes may disappear I cannot.
At the moment we are having to document precisely every single change we
make so that we can re-apply the changes when it all reverts back.
Urgent help would be much appreciated.