I'm a network admin in a School - we're running Netware 6.5 SP5

Roughly two years ago I created a new group called "Superusers" which
had rights to change our Student's passwords and clear print jobs.

This has been working fine for some time - Superusers have been Using
NWAdmin to make changes.

Since upgrading to 4.91 SP2 client and enabling NMAS, NWAdmin has not
been behaving itself - Quite often it doesn't allow the Superuser to
change a student's password.
Also, NWAdmin's method for clearing print jobs is quite time

I'm thinking that maybe it's time to move the Superusers away from
NWAdmin - What should I use instead and what problems will I face? I
can see my current Concurrent Login setup causing an issue with and of
the web based solutions - All users are limited to one login, and I
know that this prevents them from accessing NetStorage while logged

Many Thanks