Hello, colleagues,

I read the post of March 22, but stiil need some details.

I am going to move ALL objects from one OU to another. After the move the
old OU will be deleted.
Last time I performed such an operation it was some time ago. I roughly
know how to do, but as I fear to forget something, I ask you, please,
to give me do-not-forget tips/hints/clues.

Groups/Users/Volumes/Login Scripts are already moved/modified. Aliases for
user objects in old OU are preserved, to not interrupt user logins.
I still have following objects to move :
- Server itself (server's name is SERVER1)
- Volumes (nss)
- SAS Service - SERVER1
- KMO objects
- LDAP objects (Group & Server)
- NSS Pools
- DNS server
- DHCP server
- NetWare server's licences

I plan to check config files and move all remaining objects during
off-business hours with iManager or C1, then restart server.
Does the order of object moving matter ? Can I move some objects during
business hours?
Will I have to reassign licences manually or will they remain OK after the
move ?
Something particuliar to do with KMO/SAS objects after the move ?

Thanks in advance