If this is the wrong forum for a NetSTorage Q, please direct me to the
correct one.
I'm running nw6.5sp3.
Although NetStorage has been setup some time ago, it has never really been
used until recently.
I had a user who double-clicked on a file and was prompted to Save or Open
the file. They selected Open because they wanted to edit the file.
As far as I knew, you could not edit files directly from NetStorage. I
thought you had to download, edit and the upload.
Anyway, they selected Open and edited their doc and selected Save when
finished and got no errors when doing so. However, when they returned to the
office and opened the doc, it had none of the changes.
I can't find the file on the remote PC and can't find any other copies of it
on the server.
I repeated the process myself and if I double-clicked on a file that had no
app associated with the file type, it would give me the option to Open or
Save the doc. I could then choose the app to open, edit and save without any
However, with double-clicking on a .txt file or .bmp from NetStorage, I
would not get any option or popup. It would just open for viewing in a new
web window. I would think it should be this way for all file types. Yes?
Where would the modified doc be and how can it be retrieved?