I'm stuck here with trying to get NFAP logins to work properly for all
settings, particularly with our OS X systems.

Previously we had been using afp with seemingly no problems (although
clear-text had to be enabled). But suddenly we started having problems
dismounting the volumes. So I figured I would try smb for the OS X systems.

The initial accounts I tried worked fine, but as we tested futher we
found more and more accounts that were not able to log in until I
specifically set a simple password for them through iManger.

No I am in a situation where I don't know how many accounts this would
have to be done for, and resetting the simple password for each account
seems a waste of time.

I thought by turning on Universal Password this would rectify the
problem setting the simple password to the nds password, but that does
not seem to be the case. The simple password is not set to the nds
password. The problem is rectified if I reset the person password.

Is there a utility that will allow me to change or reset the password
for multiple users so I can avoid doing this manually, one-by-one? I
have tried the Muti-Password Changer in the cool tools but no matter how
many user id's I have in the import file, it will only do the first id
in the file and quits.