We are going to replace the connection between two sites from ISDN with
VPN shortly. Two NW6.0 on main site and one NW4.11 on remote site.

I need to setup SCMD in order to create communication between two NW 6.0
servers and one NW 4.11 across VPN(IP only). It is basicly for NDS
communuication and time synchronization. I don't really understand how to
config it after read some TIDs from support page. Should I load SCMD on
both sites servers, for example, load SCMD on one of NW 6 as well as load
it on NW 4.11? with what parameters? What to load, MA or CMD or IP
backbone? Should I copy SCMD from NW 6.0 to NW4.11 in order to make them
run on same version?

Thank advanced for your advice.