I have a 2 node cluster that is getting the following console message:

Console message "server Logical address space is running low. File cache
maximum size has been set to 1,344,354,304."

Both nodes are running NW6.5 SP4a. They each have 3gb of memory. I
researched this message and have found the following piece of information
below related to it that makes me think I would have had to worry about
this prior to SP3, but now that I have SP4a the server will take care of
it. Am I right?

- From NW Doc "You can set the location of the File Cache Maximum Size
line through the File Cache Maximum Size = SET parameter that comes in
NetWare 6.0 Support Pack 4 and NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 1 and above. With
NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 3, this line is automatically adjusted by the
NetWare memory system as necessary (and you don't have to do a thing)."

The other question I have is, how low can you let your memory go before
you start having problems? These servers are clustered. Only one server at
a time will handle the entire load, when that happens its memory gets low
enough to make me nervous.

Here are some memory specs from monitor:

- Server memory 3.1gb
- Cache Buffer memory gets as low as 23%
- Certain java processes taking 300-400mb mem.
- Swap file gets over 800+mb

Original Cache Buffers 785,276
Total Cache Buffers 259,367