I have a question regarding netstorage. I have coworkers who want to
implement xythos for file sharing on campus because our email system is
limited to send and receiving 10mg files. The did not go with groupwise and
that is not an option. Our problem is people want to be able to collaborate
without having to contact the helpdesk to have a guest account set up
everytime they want to send a large file to someone who does not have an
account in our environment. We have netstorage and ftp access setup as well
as our file sharing via netware. I really do not want to support another
file sharing system so I really would like to be able to provide this type
of service but don't have any good solutions to offer. One thing I have
though about is I know you can mail a file via Netstorage and I believe you
specify the server settings at
tomcat\4\webapps\NetStorage\Web-Inf\classes\Settings.properties. I thought
about setting up just an smtp server to transfer the files but that still
would not solve all my problems. Does anyone have any suggestions.