I was looking at the minimum patch list for Netware, and I am a little
confused. I was hoping someone could help me clear up my confusion.

When I check the version on my Netware SBS 6.5 server I get:

Novell Open Enterprise Server, Netware 6.5
Support Pack Revision 03
Server version 5.70.03
Novell edirectory version SMP
NDS Version 10551.78 January 22, 2005

But when I look at the minimum patch list, it shows:

nw65sp5.exe OES Support Pack 2, NW6.5 Support Pack 5 10JAN2006

So OES Support Pack 2 is the lowest version of the support pack that I
want? Does that mean I am one version above the minimum? Or is it the
NW6.5 Support pack 5 that I should be looking at, and I am 2 versions
below minimum patch?

Any information would be appreciated!

Also, what prompted me to look at this is the fact that in a year, they
are going to change daylight savings time in the US (the date that it
starts). Is there any information on how this will affect NW6.5 and
how we are to work around it?