** Context ***

eDirectory 8.7.3, NetWare 6.5/6.0
We have two eDirectory NCP objects pointing to the same physical server (NW6.0)
We have to delete the SRV1.siteA
It's SRV1.siteB, which shows up in all replica rings.
All login scripts point to SRV1.siteB

Before delete, we tried to rename SRV1.siteA. It's impossible with C1,
because the 'Rename' option is greyed out.
When we try to rename it with iManager, there is an error saying
"The system explanation for the failure is as follows: NCP Server Rename :
The requested rename, of NCP Server object type has been denied by a
plugin, which is dependent on this object."

How to know which plugin prevent the rename operation ?

Can you please advice how to rename and/or safely delete an NCP server
object in eDirectory?

Thanks in advance