I have two Netware 6 servers in a single tree. One server resides on one
side of a T1 link, and the other server resides on the other. One server
has the master replica, and the other server has a read/write copy. The 50
user license was installed on server A. Server B was just added with no
user licneses, just a single server license. It seems when I try to map a
drive to server B using either the Netware Map Drive, or the windows Net
Use command from a windows xp pro workstation running client 4.9SP2, I get
the message that the server is unable to perform the task.

I can ping successfully all I want. Both server A and server B have IP and
IPX loaded on one segment, and a second segment has just IPX loaded for
DOS connectivity. When using the Netware Map Drive option in Windows, I
can browse to the server b\sys colume and even see the directories
underneath. Just can't map to them.

I can see that I am authenticated to both server A and server B from
eDirectory. Is this a limited connections issue with server b? It
shouldn't be a licensing issue. Both servers exist in the same context as
the license object and all the users. Any ideas would be greatly