I am implementing universal passwords here. Some questions:

1. Is there a way to *not* use the password hint "feature" on the 4.91 SP2 client? In testing, when the password hint is used, and I attempt to use the "did you forget your password?" feature, it stops after entering the challenge reponses. The pop-up reads "the administrator has enabled the forgotten password policy on your account, but you don't have a password hint. If you can't remember your password, contact the administrator..." I did set a password hint on the account, though. Any work-arounds?

2. In testing, about every 10 logons, I get an error that the logon password policy could not be found. I reboot the computer and it works fine.

3. Changing a password seems to take longer with universal rather than traditional. Really just a comment.

4. Under the .authorized login method.security container, do I need to create another login method for Universal Password?

5. In the the user's Security/Login Sequences tab, does this need to be changed from <No Default>


- Most servers Netware 6.5.5.
- The Security container partition is replicated to all NW 6.5.5 sites.
- SDI verified and there is one at each of the two largest sites.
- Client 4.92 SP1 used for testing

Thanks in advance.

Tom Miller