i try to import a set of changed user attributes (e-mail address) in a
ldif-file over ldap.
i use the wizard in i-manager and get the error :
Attribute 'mail' is not allowed . . .
here a part of the ice.log :
Attribute 'mail' is not allowed.
Record: 1, Schema Validation failed, skipping dn:
ProcessEntry failed: 80 continuing with the next entry
Record: 1, process_ldif_rec failed: 80, dn:cn=xxx,ou=xxx,ou=xxx,o=tree

have checked my ldap-group object for mail entry in the schema, - exist.
however, could not found a solution in novell`s tid`s .

hope to get a help here !
info :
6.5sp2 with e-dir patch 873...

thanks in advanced !