Was running NW 6.5 SP3 and while running the migration tool/wizard the server crashed (abend) and the error was something to do with TCP/IP. After that abend, the server was taking forever to transfer the files in the migration tool. What took roughly 4 hours the first time through (but never completed) was going to take nearly 2 days. We updated the TCP/IP patches and I have since updated to NW OES SP1 (NW 6.5 SP4), which seemed to help.

However now from time to time it slows way down. Everything seems to be running fine, server utilization is around 2%, email works great, etc, but anything involving files to and from the server to a workstation is ridiculously slow, I've seen grass grow faster.

For example, I went to update my GroupWise to 6.5 SP6 this weekend, and just to unpack the 250MB file (gw656e.exe) took nearly 14 hours. When I unpacked that on my workstation it took a few minutes, but to unpack it on the server itself was running forever.

Is there something I can check to see that's wrong with this? I have checked with another CNE and he is stumped. I have a nice new fast server waiting to run, but I can't take 2-3 days to move the files over and have the server been offline for that entire time.

I just thought there might be a way to test some settings or find what's up, because it's driving me nuts!


Mike Snyder