This is a question about using UIMPORT with Netware 6.5.

We've been using UIMPORT running on an old DOS workstation to create home
directories for new users. The actual accounts are created using LDIF/ICE
but since we couldn't find a way to create the directories and set trustee
rights on them through ICE, UIMPORT has been doing this last little bit.

This has all been working fine for over a year. Until last week. Now what
happens when UIMPORT runs is that I get the following error in the logs:

Import context: staff.ru
UIMPORT-4.26 (971028) PTF-215: The context staff.ru is invalid.

The context staff.ru definately does exist -- ICE has no problem actually
creating accounts in this context. This exact same control file has been in
operation since November 1999 so it isn't a change like that, but I can
post a copy if it is useful.

I've asked Google and the Novell knowledgebase about this problem and tried
the two suggestions I found there (running dsrepair, which found and
corrected some errors, and checking the amount of free conventional memory
on the DOS workstation).

Does anyone have any other ideas for things I might try? It might be worth
my pointing out that I'm more a Unix person than a Netware one -- our
Netware admin's on leave and I'm trying to pick up the pieces until he gets
back in six weeks time. The point being that I might take longer to catch
on than most :)

- Guy