I've had this happen to me twice on two different servers:

IBM x345 with Serveraid 5i and 7k RAID cards.
6 drives in array - no hot spare.
Netware 6.5 SP3
IBM Firmware 7.12.03

I had a hard drive fail in a raid 5 array. No problem, just replace the drive and all will be well. I downed the server, replaced the defunct drive via the IBM Serveraid utilities and rebooted the server.

Everything started up OK but after about five hours the NSS partition went offline and I lost the entire partition.

It seems that the serveraid card rebuilt the array correctly but then when it was finished, reset the partition table, screwing up Netware.

Can someone give me the correct procedure for replacing a failing/failed drive? Should I have waited to boot Netware until the entire rebuild procedure was finished?

I've got ANOTHER failing drive and now I'm very gun shy about replacing it.

Thanks, Brian