Fire season that is... When I got home Friday, CDF (California
Department of Forestry) had at least 10 trucks on the road just past
where we live. In the past they have come by to check the properties in
the neighborhood for fire clearance and determined if any homes we to be
designated DNS (do not save). I'm thinking "Why so many trucks?" and
then I see the neighbors property. Black Ground. Dead/Dying Trees. I
panic and look at the property line and those GREAT firefighters had
created a firebreak on the property line except for one small section
(20' x 100') where the fire did cross the line. Found out later that
the neighbor had been on his old riding lawnmower and apparently it had
backfired. He didn't see any fire, but his daughter had some garden
chemicals in the garden and they got hot enough to really get it going.
So his front yard (about 5 acres) is completely devoid of native grass
and many of the old oaks will probably not make it. Also his 100'
Monterey Pine is gone. So Saturday we have our fence guy come out to
repair the fence (where CDF had to cut to get on our property to create
the firebreak), and the neighbor comes riding over (on that same mower)
to talk. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to tell him - maybe it's time
to either get that thing tuned up or replaced! Next year I'm creating
my own firebreak...

Now the forest near Meyers (South Lake Tahoe) is on fire. Over 2000
acres burned, 220 homes lost and only 5% contained.

It's gonna be bad this year...