We are trying to back out four 4.11 servers from our tree to this end we
removed replicas from all servers that would tie tyhat server to the 6.5
servers. We also removed all replicas from (we thought - missed one) the
4.11 servers. We were planning to take the servers out of the system
before our WAN people placed all the servers on a new core switch (IP
only 4.11 are IPX only. I went for one week training session and when I
came back all the servers were moved and now there is no communication
between 4.11 servers and 6.5 servers.

I don't care about the 4.11 servers so I am not worried about how they
are at this point. But I need to remove one last replica(of a 4.11
partition) from main 6.5 server and kill the messages about 'unable to
communicate with server ...' (timesync 6.5 is single time server). Any
suggestions as to how to clean up the tree? Need to kill communication
error messages, remove replica and remove servers administratively.