My CIO has directed me to deploy Cisco Wide Area Files Services (WAFS) to
replace the NetWare servers we have in the field. (Don't ask.....)

Has anyone successfully implemented this? What I'd like to do is have the
WAFS "edge" devices in the field. They will talk back to the WAFS "core"
device in the data center, which will in turn talk to a 6.5 server running
cluster services, via NFA.

I'm having trouble getting the WAFS core server to talk to the NFA server
(right now it's a single, stand-alone 6.5 sp5 server.) I can browse to it
with IE on my PC (which has the NetWare client running on it - I don't
know if that makes a difference. In th trace, I can see NCP packets on the
wire.) I'm working on getting a PC without the client to see if it can
access it. Assuming it can, has anyone else run into a problem with trying
to pre-position files on the core? When I click the browse button in the
file engine to browse the NetWare server, it is unable to find it.

If anyone has any experience with this, I would be grateful if you could
reply with any tips.