I inherited a tree that has too many contexts and partitions. I decided
to move all NDS objects to a single context. I have 4 separate offices
all interconnected with VPN.

Current NDS structure:


where the organization and OU1 through OU3 have no objects in them (other
than the nested OU's). OU4 through OU7 are all in OU3 and each
represents a different office. The worst part is that OU4 through OU7
are each their own partition also.

Anyway--I started at our smallest office (only 2 users). I used
ConsoleOne to basically move all the objects in the container they were
in (OU4) to the basic organization in the tree. I was at that office and
I was connected to the server at that office which is the master of the
OU4 partition. My big mistake was moving the server object.
Everything's working for my users, but my NDS is in a perpetual pending
state. It's been a few weeks and it hasn't sorted itself out. The root
partition at the main office shows all objects in both the OU4 container
AND the root organization. When I am at the other office connected to
that server, OU4 does not contain any of the moved objects.

Hopefully that's enough information for someone to start helping me get
my NDS tree all synchronized again . . .