I am a computer literacy teacher. My computer classes are housed on the
Novell server in our building. One of the problems we are experiencing are
security issues. A student, not enrolled in my class, was able to logon to
a school computer and delete my sixth hour class. When I contacted my IT
department they tried to restore the class but it was unsuccessful. I now
see empty folders. I have tried to get the IT people to deny access to my
class folders to everyone except my students, but they say it isn't
possible. However, the office personnel has office folders on the shared
drive that are only accessible to their group. Furthermore, all of my
colleagues are restricted from viewing my classes, but the entire student
body has access.
If you can offer some expert advice including how long it would take to
set up a Computer Literacy III folder that houses periods 6-7 (within each
class periods folder I have 30 students needing individual named folders).
Each class needs to allow access to the students enrolled in that class.
The individual named class folders need to be viewable to every student in
each separate class as students need to be able to combine their projects.
Also as a teacher I need to be able to click in each class period i.e.
period 6 and period 7 and see every student's folder within each class so
that I can easily grade projects without printing, add comments to
projects for students, and save back to individual student folders. Thanks
for any written advice you can provide. If possible I would like your
name, title, and contact number.
Desperately yours,

Robin Firchau