I see the following message on the console screen of one of our NW65.5 GW65.5 servers:

Server logical addrss space is running low. Increase the available logical space by restarting the server with the
-U402075648 switch.

I found tid 10091980. I did the following:

"To identify logical memory fragmentation on a NetWare server, Novell has provided statistics via the NetWare Remote Manager (NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 2 and later): Open up NRM (logging in as Admin), click on "View Memory Config" and scroll down to the "Logical Address Space" section."

"If the value for "Fragmented Kernel Space" continues to increase over time, or if the percentage of fragmentation (the red wedge/block on the graph) continues to grow, then tuning the server according to the steps outlined below is recommended. If the fragmentation value is constant, however, even if it's 50% for example, as long as it remains steady over several hours or days, the tuning steps below should not be applied, because the server is not being compromised by fragmentation of logical memory."

The fragmentation kernel space on this server is currently is 7.3% and the health of the server is good, Green light in NRM. Is this message just cosmetic?

We applied NW65 SP5 two weeks ago. Backup Exec Remote Agent and eTrust are also running on this server.

Scott Johnson, CNE
Senior Network Analyst