OK, here's the setup:

Single tree with 3 servers - All Netware OES 6.5, one SP5, two SP4, all

All partitions on with no errors - dsrepair runs unattended with no
errors on all three servers

Problem: Users normally do not get authenticated/mapped correctly to all
three servers on initial login. However, if they logout and login, they
usually get all authentications and mappings (though not always!)

Occasionally, an initial login will give all authentications and mappings

What's changed recently: Performed an over-the-wire migration of the
main server from 5.1 to 6.5 OES, which went smoothly (this is the SP5
server shown above) - however, authentication problems are not usually
with this server, but with one of the other two which have been on 6.5
OES for some time

Suggestions? Thanks muchly!! Ralph