hello all. I have a strange problem where a user of mine likes to use
Windows Explorer to go to a directory, right-click, go to Trustee Rights and
change individual and group rights on a server, SRV1 which was the Master
Replica holder for her context and the top of the tree. After promoting the
MAIL_SRV to master from R/W on those two partitions, deleting the remaining
replicas on SRV1 and MAIL_SRV, re-creating a replicas for those two
partitions as R/W replicas, and then performing a Backlink process, this
help-desk user can't add / change / view Trustee assignments like I said
before (Win Explorer, rt-click, Trustee rights) -- the user gets an error
that she doesn't have rights to change.

However, when she loads NwAdmin32, she IS able to make the same changes that

Anyone have an idea why one tool works and the other doesn't?