OS NW6.5 SP4
Memory 1gb

LRU sitting time: over 60 days
Original Cache Buffers: 523,000
Total Cache buffers: 35,000

I have a server that has 7% cache buffer memory left and wondered if this
server needs to have more memory and what would be the benefit of it.

I found the info below in the documentation, but I wanted to find out if
the 40% rule still applied to NW 6.x.


II. Memory

a. Original cache buffers - the server RAM in 4K blocks
b. Total cache buffers - available memory on the server in 4K blocks
c. Resource utilization -> Cache buffers - available memory in %
d. Cache utilization -> LRU sitting time - length of time in which the
Least Recently Used (LRU) buffer is in the memory

If the percentage of Cache Buffers fall below 40%, add more memory. If the
LRU sitting time during peak periods goes below 15 minutes, add more memory